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in the streets there, here you go. really, much of the same inside that '68 convention as contest met in the midst of the vietnam war. jessica, tell me what happened yesterda yesterday. >> that is so worth pointing out, brooke. this is only -- beautifully d e done. compared to given that everything you are used to seeing at conventions is so perfe perfectly choreographed. what happened was the convention platform was changed on two points, which i'll come to. and delegates were not briefed in advance. when it came up on the screen, some shouted yes in support, some shouted no. they had to say three times, do you agree? so there was -- yes, no, yes, no, then finally the speaker gaveled it, the chair gaveled it passed. the two points were going back to language from 2008 that said jerusalem is the capitol of
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israel, very important to some supporters of israel and also putting the word "god" back into the platform in a phrase that said "god given," very important to many religious supporters of the president and democrats. we're told the president himself intervened to insure those two changes were made, brooke. >> specifically on the jerusalem point, was that important? because florida very important state for the president come november 6th. >> well, yes. politically, it's very important because the president has been criticized and doesn't want to open himself up to more criticism from republicans who could try to say this is somehow evidence that the president doesn't stand firmly with israel, when it should be noted that the language in the platform and the policy of the u.s. have never been consistent or the policy of the u.s. is that this is part of a negotiated settlement, where the
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capitol will be. so, yes, the politics is you don't want to risk not just the jewish vote but many evangelical christian voters who are strong believers in the state of israel, as it stands. fast forwarding to tonight, when the president will be speaking indoors, what is it he needs to do. i'm hearing the white house is saying he will be giving out specifics. do we know what those specifics will be? the democrats dogged mitt romney for supposedly lacking spec fis tin this is acceptance speech. tell me about the president. >> i think we should look for the president to do a few things. one is build on the case bill clinton laid out for him yesterday, his vision of building the economy will bear fruit if you give him another four years. he will, i would expect, try to drill down exactly what that means. in terms of specifics, no, i don't think he'll say there'll
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be this many new jobs created but what that means in terms of sectors of the economy he would see grow or how he plans to work on developing different parts of the u.s. economy and get a little more detailed on that. also, you know, brook, he's never laid out a second term agenda. will he tackle immigration reform? will he commit to that? will he commit to energy reform in a second term? those are the kinds of things i would be listening for. finally, he has to bring the heart we saw michelle obama touch on. 2008, he was this candidate that in spired so much passion in people. that has waned is an understatement in four years, some people feel bitterly disappointed. can he reconnect and resell that brand and make people have that crush on him again they had in 2008. >> oh, the crush on obama. we'll look for those three points. we'll look for you as well, part of our primetime coverage of the
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democratic national convention. the whole thing kicks off 7:00 eastern, wolf blitzer, anderson cooper, the rest of cnn's political team. and 10:00 is the hour in which the president will officially accept his party's nomination for re-election. at midnight, piers morgan will put a wrap on the 2012 dnc for us on cnn. i will be watching. i hope you will be as well. i want to take you back to mitt romney. moments ago he spoke about the democratic national convention. >> i think it will be interesting to listen to the president tonight. what i'd like him to do is report on his promises, but there are forgotten promises and forget forgotten people. over the last four years, he has said he would create jobs and that hasn't happened. he said he'd cut the deficit in half. that hasn't happened. he said incomes would rise and instead, incomes have gone down.
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i think this is a time not for him to start restating new promises but to report on the promis promises he made. i think he wants a promises reset. we want a report on the promises he made. >> let's go to jim acosta. here he is in manchester, new hampshire. no surprise we're hearing from mitt romney. it was president obama on the trail last week during the tampa rnc. remind us what mitt romney's been up to this week. >> reporter: well, brooke, you did say the president was out last week. mitt romney did not have that same kind of schedule this week. he did not have any pig public rallies where they invited hundreds of thousands of people to show up. instead, he's venturing out for a small event here or there, what he did today when he made those remarks at president obama's speech at the convention in 2008, in talking about the economy. brooke, all week, he's been in debate prep, doing debate prep the last few days with ohio
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senator rob portman, sequestered inside the home of his former lieutenant-governor, carey healey. it's interesting to see mitt romney come out and make she's sort of comments. he was also asked at this event that wrapped up a little while ago in concord, is he going to watch the democratic national convention? he basically said, no, he hasn't watched all week and he won't be watching tonight. >> so he will not be watching. jim acosta. thank you. speaking of mitt romney, not of his campaign here, but to this bizarre case that the secret service is now investigating. here's the deal. some anonymous hackers say they have stolen mitt romney's tax returns, including the ones before 2010, the years the presidential nominee has declined to release thus far. that's not even the strangest part. the thieves are demanding a million dollar in ransom money for mitt romney's returns they say they took, admittedly, if you read this memo they took
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from the accountant price waterhouse cooper, they write on this website, convert a million usd dollars to bitcoins, a form of internet moin, transfer to bitcoins address below. the keys to unlock the data will be purged and whatever is inside the documents will remain a secret forever. there is so much more to this. this could all be a hoax. let's get that out there. we should know for sure at some point, right, whether or not this is the real deal or not. there's a deadline. >> that's right. there is a deadline. they're apparently giving price waterhouse cooper and even the romneys some time to come up with this ransom money. the alleged hackers say this deadline is three weeks away. this group says quote if the parties interested do not want the encrypted key released to the public to unlock this
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document on september 28th of this year, payment will be necessary. it's not unclear whether this is a legitimate heist or complete hoax. the group said it sent flash drive copies of the stolen records to democratic offices in williamsburg and tennessee. but the said it didn't look quite right to her. >> it was about a 5x7 padded envelope, with a handwritten note on the front jurors said for rep leaders and leaders was spelled incorrectly. >> hmm. okay. >> the democratic party chairman in that county also got a copy. he said he thought it was a scam and almost threw it away when he got it but the secret service showed up to collect it. >> leaders was spelled incorrectly. that's fishy. maybe they just didn't ace the spelling bees but great on the computer. i read part of the memo. it's very specific about pwc and
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the floors they were traversing to get to the files. walk me through some of that. >> the group claims to have gone into a price waterhouse office on august 25th and say they got access to the network file service there and copied over the tax documents of mitt and ann romney. they say a scanned image of mitt romney's image from the forms was included in the flash drive copies they sent to price waterhouse cooper's and those party offices. >> what is price waterhouse cooper saying about this? >> they tweeted their response to this yesterday. the tweet says quote regarding recent reports, we are working with the secret service. at this time, there's no evidence of unauthorized access to our data. we also spoke with price waterhouse spokesman this afternoon. he said he could not say how long they have handled the r romney roms' taxes and -- the romney's taxes and when we asked them, they said they have more than 80
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offices around the country and nothing unique about that tennessee office. we'll hopefully see in the coming days whether this is a big fat hoax or not. >> whether or not it is, these are the key tax returns so many americans would like to see, prior to 2010. what about the romney campaign? do they believe this? >> they're not saying much of anything right now. a campaign spokeswoman directed all the questions to price waterhouse cooper almost being like the rest of us, a little bit cagey trying to investigate this and say exactly what it is at this point. we just don't know. again, this group is claiming to be willing to send some of this information to media entities as well. we'll see if that happens. >> beyond bizarre. we'll look to more of your reporting. we appreciate that. still a lot more happening this hour. take a look at this. just hours after the president sells himself tonight, america gets a big-time jobs report. we will tell you what it is you
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need to look for as wall street gets ready. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. one woman says a man raped her, got her pregnant and forced her to the breaking point. that point ended with a head in the street. plus, judy blum, one of america's most favorite authors reveals she has cancer. find out what you should do if a doctor gives you the same diagnosis. he called himself the angel of death. now, a young man who killed four people apparently will soon walk free. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweighconstruction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance makes it a cadillac. introducing the all-new cadillac xts.
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who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there. now, to an update what's happening today in syria. the opposition claims another 97 people have been killed in fighting across the country. three u.s. lawmakers are now in baghdad, meeting with leaders in iraq, iraqi -- iraq disputes reports it is allowing iran to use its airspace to delivery weapons to syria. that denial comes as the lawmakers warn against such an act. let me ask you something. what is your breaking point?
12:15 pm
where's the edge? one woman says she was pushed to it and it led to a gruesome discovery in the middle of the street. what you're about to see is extremely graphic, so if there are any little ones in the room right now, let me give you a beat to get them to turn away. >> reporter: a 26-year-old mother of two claims her husband's cousin, a 35-year-old man, tormented and abused her for month while her husband was out of town. he entered her home while she was asleep and raped her at gunpoint, threatening to kill her children if she screamed. she says he subsequently raped her many times and took pictures of her with his cell phone an threatened to publish them. she says she was too afraid to tell any about the rapes. then last tuesday, she had enough. she said he called. she was sure he was going to rape her again. when he arrived at her house,
12:16 pm
the grabbed a rifle and shot him repeatedly. then she cut off his head and carried it to the town square. witnesses say she held the severed head in front of men at a coffee house and said "don't play with my honor. here is had the of the man who played with my honor." and then she tossed the severed her father explained why she did i it. >> he had been abusing my child for a long time and using a weapon saying he would kill her and kill her children. my child reached her wits end because she couldn't handle it anymore. >> reporter: witnesses in the square called police and she was arrested. she says she regrets what happened but says her reputation was in jeopardy and felt she needed to clean her honor. now, she is five months pregnant and insists the rapist is the father. according to a local clinic, she first tried to get an abortion when she was about 14 weeks pregnant but was told abortion
12:17 pm
was not an option. turkish law does not allow abortions after 10 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of rape or when the mother's life is in danger. she says she still wants an abortion and she has the support of turkish women's groups. she says she's ready to die. cnn, london. a british cyclist out for a spin in the british alps, comes across a murder scene so horrific, it is making news arou around the globe. here's what he found. four shot dead execution style and one of the dead, a cyclist who might have witnessed the killing. an 8-year-old walking on the road, shot three times. a 4-year-old discovered alive, hiding under her mother's lifeless body. >> we discovered this girl who was completely immobile and who was stuck in the back seat on
12:18 pm
the legs of one of the women who had died. a very large traveling bag. and this explains why she couldn't be seen. she's four years old. >> four years old, hiding under her dead mother. the family vacationing from britain had been staying at a campsite lake near the french alps. the car was found near a small village of chevaline. the girl was under her mother's body for eight hours until after they were found. police say they were told not to disturb anything until they arrived. she is in a hospital and the police still have no motive or anything. and author opening about her struggle with breast cancer.
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one of the most important figures in the history of the nfl has died. art modell was the owner of the
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cleveland background and moved them to baltimore that angered many in cleveland but beloved in baltimore. he was 87 years old. i don't know about you. i grew up reading judy blume's books. she writes for young adults and have spunk and heart and real life stuff. no sugarcoating for judy blume and that is precisely how the author, of "are you there, god? its a margaret." that news is she's battling breast cancer. she doesn't want you to blubber either, blubber, one of the titles of her books. i want to bring in elizabeth cohen and talk about how we absolutely adored her books. my goodness. with her perfect dose of humor, she blogs about this. it wasn't a mammogram, an ultrasound that caught her breast cancer. >> you hear get your mammogram.
12:23 pm
sometimes it's an ultra sound that picks it up. she has dense breasts and her doctor recommended an ultra sound. that's not uncommon for a doctor to say get an ultrasound and mammogram if you have dense breasts. >> i sent this to my aunt who had a lump ectomy a week ago today. this is part of what judy blume wrote, me? no breast cancer in my family. recent extensive genetic testing shows no genetic connection. i haven't eaten red meat in more than 30 years, never smoked, i exercise everyday. forget alcohol, it's bad for my reflux. i've been the same weight my whole life. guess what. it's possible. and frustrating for women like my aunt, what the heck have i done? there are other risks out there. >> you can do everything right and still get breast cancer, the reality. judy blume did have hormone
12:24 pm
replacement therapy the past 17 years and sounds like she went on it about the time of menopause and now in her mid-70s. getting replacement therapy does increase the risk for breast er. the moreou take i longer that risk increases. she mentions she's no longer on it and many women have opted to go off of hrt after that study that says hormone replacement may not be great in many instances. >> what do you do when the doctor says you have the c word, cancer? >> you do what judy blume did. she was an empowered patient. it was so great. >> i'll tweet it out. >> you read everything you can on reputable websites. second of all, you get a second opinion if there are any questions at all or you wan to know, are you sure it's cancer or this type of cancer? those things matter. thirdly, get support.
12:25 pm
you feel so alone sometimes when you get a horrific diagnosis but there are other people who have been down this road before. it's worth tapping into the wisdom of crowds and learning from them and getting that support. >> i'll tweet the link, i promis promise. >> she's a wonderful writer and we wish her the best. >> amazing. we do. and you can find out as elizabeth cohen tells us be the empowered patient you can be. now, this, is it a political buzz kill, dnc organizers changed the venue for the president's big speech tonight from the outdoor football stadium to the smaller indoor arena. is there a make good in the works for the thousands of people who waited and worked for those credentials who cannot see the president in person tonight? [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice!
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while ago apologized to about 65,000 people on the phone. they all had the tickets, credentials to get to hear his big speech tonight. as you know by now, it got moved indoors. now those tickets are worthless. here is just a piece of that call with the president. >> my main message is, we can't let a little thunder and lightning get us down. we have to roll with it. while we may not be able to be together in person, i hope you gather at community watch parties happening not just in charlotte, across north carolina and the rest of the country. i hope you tune in tonit, watch this speech together. let me know what you think afterwards. >> that was the president. here is taylor, the editorial page editor of the charlotte observer. taylor, from what i'm being told moments ago, you tell me, is it pouring rain right now in charlotte? >> that's the funny thing. it is pouring at this moment. that might explain why they did
12:30 pm
this but it will clear out quickly and it will be a beautiful evening. >> you almost kind of wish it would continue to pour rain later tonight. let's just talk about this conference call and this story because how are these -- the shutout credential holders reacting to this. you wrote in your piece this morning, you said it was a huge bu buzzkill. >> it is for them. there are 65,000 people that worked really hard to get credentials in the first place, not delegates, community folks that volunteered for th obama campaign and others stood in line up to seven hours to get those credentials and now those have been yanked away. they're all disappointed. most are trying to be understanding and most of them are obama supporters so they're not going to come out too hard. they're obviously disappointed by the move. >> this is several hours wasted now. i listened to the president, he apologized. basically said, hey, go to a
12:31 pm
watch party tonight. i don't know if that's good enough. i'm about to ask one of the credential holders in a minute. did they offer up any other make good from the obama camp? >> they touted the conference call with the 65,000 people as a first start making good. i don't think that really does much. they also say they are trying to plan events between now and the election where these 65,000 people can be with obama in person. there have been no details of any kind yet. even if those do come together, you have to think for those credential holders that can't be as exciting as being at the event for his acceptance speech. >> as we're looking at you, we also have a picture to emphasize the rain, at least for now, it is a nasty nasty afternoon in charlotte. it's supposed to be pretty. we'll wait to see. i want to go back to your piece. you kind of mentioned the enthusiasm. republicans are jumping on, saying they couldn't have filled that stadium and democrats
12:32 pm
saying, no, no, we filled it and then some with 19,000 people on a waiting list. this isn't a good thing when it comes to enthusiasm. do you think this will sway a vote come november? >> i don't think anybody will certainly change their vote over getting left out of this. in a state where obama won this state by less than one-half of 1% in 2008. i think doing anything that could dampen voter enthusiasm is a really risky move. >> taylor, we will talk about voter enthusiasm with my next guest. i appreciate you. one of my next guest, i suppose that credential can collect dust on her shelf at home. she knows that chance to hear the president give that acceptance speech is once in a lifetime opportunity. she joins me from chapel, north carolina. hillary, the only way you will see the president is on
12:33 pm
television. is the word "bummed," is that the right word? >> caller: i would say so, absolutely. bummed, disappointed and upset, for sure. >> upset. what do you mean by that? >> caller: well, like you mentioned, for a lot of people, this is kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity, myself included. i've never heard obama speak live. all four years of his preside y presidency. i was particularly excited to hear him tonight, especially at the democratic national convention rather than at any venue but tonight it is heartbreaking. >> but you can say to your friends, i was on the phone with president obama today presuming you were on that phone call. is that good enough for you? >> caller: it definitely helped. he did a great job. a five minute phone call. he was very apologetic and gave
12:34 pm
an explanation for the change in venue and it helped a little bit. >> to be clear, i jumped on the call and the president was clear, this i't just a football game, issue of national security when it comes to thunderstorms and heaven forbid, lightning, 64,000 people not a matter of getting them in this stadium, a matter of getting them out. he made the point, look, remember where they were four years ago in denver and this whole culture and campaign of inclusion and enthusiasm with voters, since that lack of inclusion will not be happening tonight, does that dim some of the obama allure for you? >> caller: not for me personally. i don't think it would for other people. i'm just as excited. he had no control over the weather. i don't put any blame on him or people working for him at all. i'm just as excited. if i get to hear him in the
12:35 pm
future, that's icing on the cake and behind him 100%. >> sounds like he still has your vote coming november? >> caller: absolutely. >> hillary, thank you. and show me your papers has fueled protests across the country. now that law is one step closer to being enforced next. ask me. [ male announcer ] if you think even the best bed can only lie there... ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves. [ male announcer ] to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america.
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sb1070. you know what that is. two years ago it was in every headline and a source of a huge outcry. that is the name of the controversial law in arizona that led to dozens of protests just like this one plus boycotts of the state. that part of the law many immigrant advocates worried about has just been upheld by a
12:39 pm
federal judge. she ruled that the papers statute can stand and police officers can ask people, when they pull them over for something else, they can ask about their citizenship when investigating a certain offense. we're on the case with mr. joey jackson, defense attorney. hello, hello. i read about this this morning. why is this a big deal? we know the supreme court upheld this statute. i remember jan brewer saying this was a win for her because it was upheld. what does this ruling mean? >> what happens now is there is this big concern? why is it a big concern? because it's felt it's going to be dis krvictim na torly applie not we want to stop you because of offense but want to check your immigration status. the supreme court left a little opening here. in the event -- we will uphold it, it will be all good. if you can show me not just speculative, that it will relate and result in discrimination, if
12:40 pm
you can show me specific instances of discrimination, then we will look at it, just on the basis of saying it may be discriminatory because people may be stopped, that's not enough. although it's going into effect, there's a 10 day provision where the department of justice and arizona officials will get together and try to work something out, okay, at this point, we're not out of the woods yet because it will go into effect. it's completely legal and proper but if they can show it's dis kr disvictim na torly applied, it can come back and litigated again. you know we like to talk about litigation. more litigation. >> sounds like it's not over. part of the same federal ruling a part of the law that was not upheld. >> what happens, is there something calls preemption. what does that mean? the federal government has preempted the field. means the federal government is the one that has the last word. immigration is historically and customarily a federal issue. for a state to be implementing provisions that are too harsh or that contradict with federal law
12:41 pm
is not appropriate and not lawful. so the provision you're talking about with regard to harboring aliens or people who are illegal, that's a problem because the provisions in arizona were far too harsh and felt by the court it's in direct conflict and contrast with what the feds allow you to do. >> so that was not upheld, show me your papers. >> exactly. >> i want to move to this next case in california, about an insane killer who is not going free but he is getting out of the mental institution he has lived in for the last decade and now the loved ones of the victims said they fear for the public's safety. this guy was known as the angel of death. back in 2002, he ran down four people and found guilty of second degree murder and is is -- of being legally insane
12:42 pm
and the judge ruled he can go to a less restrictive mental health facility. they found ts was -- i'm quoting him here, quoting him as being argumentative. >> irritable. >> exhibiting sexually inappropriate behavior but he's nog ear treat society. >> it kind of doesn't make sense. it's a lead-in to it, when you talk about somebody being irritable and argumentative, you think they could potentially be dangerous. you have to question whether or not what they're saying tracks what they believe, that he's not a threat. e good news is hill note wicd, ur counts of second degree murder. after that, he's found to be insane. what do they do? they put him in a state facility. the whole argument here is whether he should be released from that facility. the judge says you can be conditionally released but not into society, into another facility which is less restrictive. he'll still be off the street. my whole thing, brooke, if
12:43 pm
you're better and mentally 16 n -- sane now, why not go to jail? make sense? >> why not. >> that's the question. >> see you tomorrow. coming up, young children, victims of the global recession going without essentials, food, clothing. next, we show you the new reality for two countries hit hard by child poverty. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco.
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i'm also a survivor of ovarian a writand uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick...and then i got better.
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how do you tell children you cannot afford enough food to fill their empty stomachs and the families struggling to get enough food to eat. almost 18 million u.s. households do not get enough food. 18 million. the number of americans on food stamps hit a grim record yesterday. 46 million americans use food stamps. almost half of those on food stamps are children. unfortunately children are going hungry not just in the states but around the world, a problem in these tough times. ha matthew chance works on a report to help vulnerable people and focused on britain's children in poverty. >> reporter: it may be one of the world's richest countries, but pockets of britain are increasingly gripped by poverty. this save the children campaign highlights one part of the problem, kids from impoverished
12:47 pm
homes doing worse at schools. amid a recession, britain's poo poorest children, says the charity, are missing out on essentials, like toys, and new shoes. >> it's about children participating fully in society. we are starting to see with the rising pressures on families at the moment, around high unemployment, around rising living costs and around governme government -- we starting to see the families are struggling to provide the basics. >> reporter: families like natalie and her 2-year-old son, noah, an unemployed single mom, fattally says her state benefits don't even pay the bills. >> it's cold here. we have jumpers and keep warm in the house and blankets rather than turn the fire on or
12:48 pm
radiator, can't afford to run them. >> reporter: there's even a growing problem with food, unemployed and overburdened with debt, aide workers say thousands of british families are turning to food banks like this one outside london for basic supplies. the charities put together hampers for people who find it difficult to feed their families alone this is the kind of food you can expect when charities pack your weekly food bags. you can see there's some milk, tea bag, some biscuits as well. over here, some chopped tomatoes in a can. ay to be cooked. lots of other things, all expected to last between 7 and 10 days for a single family. it's not that much. charities are saying as the global recession intensify, more and more british families will be depend on handouts like tse just to survive. the british government says it's
12:49 pm
committed to eradicating child poverty. save the children complains they're not doing enough. this first british fund-raising campaign, says the charity, may keep some children here off the poverty line. matthew chance, cnn, london. i have some breaking news for you. following the drew peterson trial, he was basically charged with murder. this involved his third wife, her name was kathleen sabio, found dead in a dry bathtub, ruled an accidental death some time ago and buried and later exhumed because his fourth wife went missing. drew peterson, a police officer from the chicago area. this jury in illinois just came back, they've been deliberating 14 hours and they found him guilty here for murdering wife
12:50 pm
number three. he faces up to 60 years in priso prison. >> back to politics now, president obama prepares to make his case to the nation tonight. we will take a look back at other memorable dnc acceptance speeches, both the hits and the misses. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you. visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different.
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12:52 pm
tonight is the night. it's the finale of the democratic national convention. president obama has a tough act to follow after former president bill clinton hit pretty much every nail on the mark last night. but that is not all he is up against. here is suz ann malvo. >> reporter: barack obama drove his dissent to the presidency.
12:53 pm
>> i say to them tonight there is not a liberal america and conservative america, there is the united states of america. >> reporter: he's made a sport out of outtalking his adversaries. >> john mccain likes to say that he'll follow bin laden to the gates of hell, but he won't even follow him to the cave where he lives. >> reporter: but in charlotte he faces perhaps his biggest challenger yet, can barack obama top barack obama? >> the expectations game definitely works against the president. it is a speech that is going to be compared to the '08 speech. >> reporter: obama comes from a long line of democratic party presidential candidates who face similar speaking challenges. recall how bill clinton's snoozer of a speech in 1988 -- >> reporter: became history when it was replaced by his rousing 1992 speech. >> i have news for the forces of greed and the defenders of the status quo, your time has come and gone.
12:54 pm
>> reporter: it's up to obama to live up to clinton's successful second convention speech. >> tonight let us resolve to build that bridge to the 21st century, to meet our challenges and to protect our values. >> the president has to make a case for his own re-election and to remind voters why he elected them in the first place. and what are the choices that he's made that have been helpful and successful despite the fact that they may have been some things that the president did not achieve. >> reporter: that means obama's convention speech needs to be more clinton than carter. >> as i've said many times before, if we could have an american president who does not govern with negativism and fear but the future. >> he's giving a speech in an environment where most people imso g tofindilver is not lining in all of this and try and convince people that it's
12:55 pm
enough to give him that second term. >> my father was a foreign student. >> reporter: this time no falling back on the compelling personal story candidates often use to sell themselves to voters. and he'll no longer be making a presidential first as an african-american. so instead of hearing a lot of this. >> the change we need doesn't come from washington, change comes to washington. >> reporter: expect a lot of this. >> you need somebody who's going to wake up every single day and fight for american jobs and investment here in the united states. that's what you need. that's why i'm running. >> reporter: cnn, atlanta. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network.
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covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. at&t. rethink possible.
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trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc
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and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. president obama working hard to chip away at the unemployment rate as election day nears. we are now officially two months out today. bit of good news when it comes to the jobs front. labor department says 365,000 people filed for new unemployment benefits last week. that is down 12,000 from the week before. and with jobless claims down, the markets are going up. alison kosik, this is good news. >> yeah, the market skyrocketing. the dow up. the numbers you mention show there's a bit of improvement where jobs is concerned. there are fewer layoffs. now we want to see a trend-lower. we're getting a preview to the monthly unemployment picture.
12:59 pm
adp says private employers added 201,000 jobs in august. that came in much better than expected. brooke. >> we're of course getting the big august jobs numbers tomorrow. so we'll talk about that tomorrow. it's a huge political ramifications there. but let's talk about this magic number perhaps. 316,000, what does that number signify? >> that number is really where we need to get to 316,000 jobs before the election. that means we need to average 105,000 jobs added in each of the next three months. now, this year we're averaging around 150,000. so believe it or not it is doable. but both campaigns are going to spin it the way they want it. if we get a great number tomorrow, if we get a bad number, they're going to spin it in whatever favor they want. but it is possible for us to sort of break even when it comes to jobs. >> yep. that is the number 316,000 upon which once president obama will be able to say no job losses during my four years. >> exactly. break

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